Original Date July 21, 2021

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In 2019 destinations across the globe saw record numbers of travelers arrive and depart. The struggle with overtourism was at its height and current patterns were not sustainable. Over a year into the pandemic, as more travelers are now vaccinated and governments are considering how they will reopen, destinations are seeking to balance the return of tourism with a desire to be more sustainable. As travel returns, how has it changed and how can industry leaders use this as an opportunity to change it for the better?

Skift editors, analysts, and a wide selection of leaders as discussed the future of destinations, new models of sustainability, and striking the right tone in marketing through an uneven return. Through a series of pointed conversations, recovery research, and editorial analysis, we explored the big questions facing destinations and the global tourism industry, including:

  • Which destinations will lead and which will lag as travel returns?
  • Is there a business case for sustainability and what are the new metrics that destinations should be measuring?
  • Will cities quickly fill with tourists once again, or will we see a more distributed return of travelers? 
  • How should destinations reshape their marketing as travel returns and who’s hitting the right tone? 
  • What are the new models of sustainability that destinations are experimenting with and what do we feel might work? 
  • How can tourism better include local communities as stakeholders?

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Wednesday, July 21st

11:00 AM


11:03 AM
11:10 AM
12:00 PM

Rebuilding Through Sustainability: Destination Marketing

12:35 PM

How Visual Stories Can Fuel Destination Recovery and Beyond

Dan Holowack

Co-Founder and CEO


Carolyn Kremins, President
12:50 PM


12:50 PM

BREAKOUT SESSION: How Visit California Is Using Visual ‘Stories’ to Rethink Destination Storytelling

1:10 PM

Beyond Leisure: How Destinations are Attracting Business Events for Economic Growth

1:30 PM

How Hotels Can Create Positive Social Change

Brune Poirson

Chief Sustainability Officer


Matt Heidkamp, Director of Creative Strategy
1:45 PM

How Local Discovery and Curated Experiences Will Drive the Future of Destinations

2:15 PM

The Future of Regenerative Tourism

John Pagano

The Red Sea Development Company and AMAALA


Matt Heidkamp, Director of Creative Strategy
2:30 PM

DMOs and Economic Development: Why Tourism Should Have a Bigger Seat at the Table

3:00 PM

Strengthening the Relationship Between Communities and Tourism

3:30 PM

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