Panel Discussion
How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping the Travel Business

October 19, 2022

11:00am EDT


How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping the Travel Business

As travel brands aim to connect the traveler journey from end to end, they are seeking more seamless ways to incorporate and integrate data to support operations, revenue management, marketing, ancillary offers, and other commercial decisions across their organizations.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning models are emerging as a means to meet these needs in real time while increasing operational efficiency and return on investment.

Join FLYR Labs, Pace Revenue, and Skift for an upcoming webinar that will show how travel companies can put AI-driven insights at the core of their business and technology ecosystems. With the recent acquisition of Pace, a cutting-edge revenue and decision intelligence platform for hotels, FLYR is accelerating its ability to support new travel and transportation sectors beyond its core expertise in aviation.

Find out how artificial intelligence is reshaping the travel industry and how it enables travel companies to keep up with customer demand, improve operational efficiencies, and drive more revenue for their businesses.

What You’ll Learn

  • The economic impact of AI on the travel industry
  • How AI has revolutionized pricing, retailing, and other revenue opportunities
  • How the ability to respond with real-time offers has improved the customer experience
  • Opportunities for AI development in aviation, hospitality, and adjacent travel verticals



Dan Marcec, Research Editor, Skift

Panel Discussion


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