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Our Skift Forums and Summits are the leading creative business events in the global travel industry.

Through talks, panels, workshops and networking, our Skift Forum events help top travel professionals understand changing trends across sectors, geographies, and the functional silos in the travel industry.

Skift Summits – both in-person and online – target specific verticals and go deep, offering insights from key operators and networking opportunities for innovative business leaders.

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Skift Global Forum

September 21-23, 2020

Skift Global Forum is  the flagship global conference on the business of travel.

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Travel’s Path Forward

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Skift launched the Travel’s Path Forward series to look at key challenges, best practices, and future solutions needed across the travel industry.

We brought Skift’s analytical rigor, deep-dive research, and editorial interviews with leaders in travel to this online event series covering specific verticals and highlighting their path for recovery.

Business Travel

Travel’s Path Forward: Business Travel was a 2-hour dive into the key challenges, shifts in strategy, and future solutions needed for business travel. Skift editors were in-conversation with leaders from travel management companies, buyers, consultancy and guest experience companies.

Original event date: March 31, 2020

U.S. Stimulus and the Travel Industry

Skift editors and research analysts, along with Tori Barnes, the executive vice president of public affairs and Policy at the U.S. Travel Association, parsed the implications for travel players big and small of the sweeping relief package passed by Congress in late March, 2020. They addressed the questions: Will it be enough to help travel back onto its feet? Where does the funding fall short? How does it impact a large number of small businesses across the industry? And how will travel change in the future? 

Original event date: April 1, 2020

Rethinking Airline Fleets, Routes and Loyalty

Travel’s Path Forward: Rethinking Airline Fleets, Routes and Loyalty is an hour-long conversation with Airline Weekly and Skift aviation business editors on the shifts happening across the airline industry this week, along with the key challenges and solutions needed across the fragile sector. We discussed how airlines are rethinking fleet sizes and routes post-crisis, cabin configurations, loyalty and customer service reforms, and balance sheet challenges.

Original event date: April 7, 2020

Startups and Investors

The coronavirus pandemic is turning the entire travel industry up-side-down, including the venture-backed travel startups that have business models facing a surprise stress test in these times. As VC deals are drying up and the sectors the tech startups serve are scrambling to cut cost, many companies that were seeing high growth only a few months ago are quickly being forced into survival mode. What can be done to survive in the short-term? How are VC investors viewing this crisis, advising startups, and considering where future investments may occur? 

Original event date: April 14, 2020

Destinations and Marketing

As the coronavirus dealt a serious blow to the travel industry overall, destinations worked to quickly chart the best way forward. They faced a conundrum: letting the awareness of a destination fall to zero during a crisis is a huge risk, but launching a tourism campaign can easily seem tone-deaf. Skift editors and research analysts, were joined by leaders in tourism, including DMOs, advisors, suppliers, and research companies, for this dive into the state of destinations today.

Original event date: April 22, 2020

Travel PR

Amid the global pandemic, travel was one of the first and most deeply impacted industries as it reacted to counteract the spread of this highly contagious virus. Public relations professionals in the industry know that in volatile times like these, taking action to communicate effectively with customers, partners, and media is paramount. At the same time, travel companies need to be prepared now for the moment when travel does return. Join this conversation between Skift editors and leading public relations professionals in travel as they discuss the state of Travel PR.

Original event date: April 30, 2020

Short-Term Rentals

The Covid-19 pandemic led to a sharp decline for both the rapidly expanding urban short-term rental market and the prospects of a busy summer vacation rental season. How could players both large and small across alternative-accommodations best balance find resilience in this time? How could platforms best balance the needs of both guests and hosts, following more consistent policy enforcement? Skift editors and research analysts were joined by leaders in the short-term rental ecosystem to discuss how the crisis impacted the business landscape and how to prepare for the key challenges ahead.

Original event date: May 7, 2020

U.S. Consumer Sentiment

Join Skift Research for this Travel’s Path Forward: Consumer Sentiment webinar as we discuss findings on how COVID-19 is impacting travel at the moment and what American consumers are thinking about for their future travel when the outbreak is finally behind them.

Original event date: May 14, 2020


In this unprecedented downturn in travel as a result of Covid-19, the crisis is impacting every hotel company, from the top chains to small hotel operators. Major declines in occupancy and room rates are a global problem, which has forced many hotels to furlough employees and others to shutter, or convert to quarantine centers and host healthcare staff working round-the-clock. As this uncertainty continues, especially in Europe and North America, the likelihood of a strong rebound of occupancy within two or three months seems ever more distant.

Original event date: May 28, 2020


More than just a tool for earning points, loyalty is about keeping customers engaged, re-building trust, streamlining the guest experience, and anticipating travelers needs as they seek to book and travel again.

Skift editors and research analysts highlighted the challenges and opportunities ahead, and heard from leaders throughout the industry — airlines, hotels, tech providers, and consumer experts – who showcased the latest strategies and shifts in this ecosystem amid the fallout from the crisis.

Original event date: July 16, 2020

Online Travel

Through this crisis, online travel companies have experienced a confluence of unthinkable customer service demands at the start of the crisis, constant communication with suppliers and support to partners through the evaporation of the market, and now finding strategies to drive demand through an uneven return as countries re-open. Despite the hurdles of this crisis-response, online travel agencies still have the ability to instill confidence in the safety of travel and boost the market as it seeks a manageable, long-term recovery as travel returns.

Original event date: July 23, 2020

Partner Events

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Skift launched the Travel’s Path Forward series to look at key challenges, best practices, and future solutions needed across the travel industry.

We brought Skift’s analytical rigor, deep-dive research, and editorial interviews with leaders in travel to this online event series covering specific verticals and highlighting their path for recovery.

Navigating What’s Next for Event Experience Design

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic and immediate impact on the meetings and events sector around the world. As a result, what it means to design a business event, conference, or trade show must be redefined to reflect the new reality. 

Join this session as Director of Abu Dhabi Convention & Exhibition Bureau, Mubarak Al Shamsi shares perspectives and insights with Skift on the opportunities ahead. As event professionals across the industry figure out the best path forward, it’s more important than ever to think critically about experience design to foster innovation and better connect with attendees.

Original event date: May 27, 2020

The Digital Revolution:
Tools and Tactics to Understanding Today’s Traveler

For two decades, travelers have been migrating to digital channels to research and book. Leaders in the industry have pivoted to connect with these customers and win business, but many have struggled with the transition. For those who feel like they’re falling behind, it’s not too late. Digital traveler trends will continue to accelerate, and those that respond with creative, innovative data-driven decisions will have an advantage. The Covid-19 crisis has created a sense of urgency, but these trends are far from an anomaly.

On September 29, Skift was joined by Salesforce and The Travel Corporation who discussed how digital will drive innovation in travel through Covid-19 and beyond.

Original event date: September 29, 2020