June 2022

In-Person and Online Event

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Skift will return its focus to Asia and its recovery in June 2022, as the region endures a long and complicated road out of the pandemic. With recovery moving forward in the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East, the travel industry is Asia is bracing for an extended pandemic and uneven reopenings as Asia wades through virus spikes, frequent lockdowns, and vaccine availability.

For our 2022 event, we’ll return in-person to host an event looking at Asia’s role in the global travel industry going forward and how leaders are strategizing for the road ahead. As always, Skift editors and analysts will unearth the latest conversations and insights through these in-depth interviews and industry-leading Skift Research intelligence for regional players as well as any brands that want to better understand the travel business in Asia. 

Join us as we address the big questions facing the APAC region: 

  • How does Asia recover without Chinese outbound travelers in the near future?
  • What destinations have been able to market and attract locals, as domestic tourism takes on a new significance? 
  • Will sustainability take a new foothold in the absence of mass tourism? 
  • Will governments be forced to reduce their economic interest and dependence on travel? 
  • What are the silver linings around startups and tech innovation that have been able to take hold or gain global appeal through this pandemic?
  • How long can airlines in the region survive on huge losses without the return of longhaul and business travelers?
  • With travelers from Asia being a huge market globally for the U.S. and Europe, when might they return at pre-pandemic volumes?
  • What is Asia’s role in the global travel industry going forward?

When: June 2022
In Person and Online

Where: Singapore

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