Skift Global Forum In-Person Safety Protocols

General Protocols

The in-person portion of the Skift Global Forum will take place as a physical event at the TWA Hotel. Here is what attendees need to know:
  • We are continuing to follow all state and city guidelines for events in New York City.
  • All attendees – speakers, sponsors, attendees, and Skift and hotel staff – will be required to have verified vaccinations to attend.
  • By design, we are limiting our event to half capacity and have seating spaced in the venue accordingly.
  • Lunch and receptions will take place outside or in the large open TWA Hotel lobby if weather is an issue.
  • Wearing masks will be required while attendees are inside the conference center.
  • The TWA Hotel has a state-of-the-art HVAC system with air ionization technology installed.

The safety of our attendees is and always has been our top priority. As Skift Global Forum returns in-person, we feel these precautions and verifications will allow for a safe event for attendees and staff in September.

VAccination Verification

We are working with CLEAR to create a seamless way for attendees to confirm their vaccination status. If you do not wish to use CLEAR’s app, please bring your CDC vaccination card. For attendees from outside the U.S., please bring your country’s equivalent. 

As part of our commitment to your health and safety at this year’s in-person Skift Global Forum, we’re using CLEAR’s Health Pass for quick and easy COVID-19 screenings. All attendees must provide proof of vaccination and complete a health survey to enter the event. Download the free CLEAR app and get started today. 

It can take up to 1-2 hours for vaccine information to be verified, so we encourage all attendees to create their Health Pass before arriving at the event. 

There are multiple options, select the one that works best for you:

Option 1: Upload a photo of your CDC Vaccine Card

When prompted, select ‘add your vaccination card’.

Take a photo of your CDC card.

Please note, the photo of your CDC card is used to generate a Health Pass. You will not be able to access it again after it is taken.

Option 2: Digitally link a to a provider

Select your vaccine provider in the menu or by searching ‘other providers’. Log-in to your patient portal and follow instructions to securely link your account with CLEAR. The CLEAR app is integrated with select healthcare providers and pharmacies.

If you are unable to find your provider in search, CLEAR may not be able to link with them at this time.

Alternatively, you may return to the previous screen and upload a photo of your CDC Vaccine Card.

Check that your COVID-19 vaccine appears in your patient portal, if not we recommend you reach out to your provider directly.

Your results will link automatically – do not try to resync your results. Note, sync time varies by provider and may take up to 30 minutes.

With CLEAR, you are always in control of your information. Skift only receives confirmation that a guest satisfied the requirements for access with the equivalent of a red or green result — and never has access to an individual’s private health data through CLEAR. For further information on how CLEAR protects user data see the member terms here.

Having trouble with Health Pass?

Reach out to the CLEAR team by tapping “get in touch” on the mobile app or calling 1-855-CLEARME (253-2763).

Trust and transparency are CLEAR’s top priority, and with Health Pass, users are always in control of their health information. Personal information is only used to deliver a frictionless and secure experience with CLEAR and Skift Global Forum. You can read more details about this in CLEAR’s Privacy Policy here.

If you have any questions about enrolling in CLEAR, please reach out to CLEAR’s Member Care Team by tapping “get in touch” on the mobile app or calling 1-855-CLEARME (253-2763).