Entries are now open for the 2024 Skift IDEA Awards, the travel industry’s annual recognition of excellence in design, creativity, and innovation. Apply by March 14, 2024 to secure the best entry rate.

The most coveted award in travel.

Skift IDEA Awards

Now in its sixth year, Skift IDEA Awards has become the travel industry’s most coveted achievement for excellence in design, creativity and innovation.

The awards recognize impactful and inspiring projects from brands, agencies, and tech companies that solve traveler challenges, inspire change, and define the future of travel.

From purpose-built spaces and digital experiences to creative excellence and transformative leadership, IDEA Award winners are a beacon for where the industry is heading.

Meet the Winners

Dive into the full project details (including photos, video, and other media) by selecting an entry below.

Who can enter?

The Skift IDEA Awards are designed to recognize and celebrate the most innovative ideas that are reshaping and elevating the travel industry. We encourage entries from all corners of the world, from large enterprises to small startups, all contributing to the continuous evolution of travel and tourism. 

We welcome entries from a diverse range of travel-related fields, including hospitality, aviation, technology, tourism, sustainability, and more.

How do I enter?

All entries for the Skift IDEA Awards need to be submitted through our online portal. This online platform will hold all of your Skift IDEA Awards entries in one place, where you can view, edit and even copy submissions should you wish to enter more than one category.

The online platform will also allow you to view all categories, criteria and the opportunity to download blank PDF entry forms for your reference.

What does the 2024 timeline look like?

Following the close of the submission window, all entries will be reviewed and scored internally by the Skift Editorial Team, who have a wealth of experience and knowledge across all industries of the travel industry. Following this internal review, our shortlist will be selected.

Following the announcement of the shortlist, all successfully shortlisted submissions will be passed on to our independent judging panel for final scoring and review in order to select the winners.

Does the entry cost guarantee an award or only a chance to be chosen? 

The entry fee does not guarantee an award, but all entries will be reviewed by our selection committee. The finalists will be announced on Skift.com and will be reviewed by our judges to make the final designation for each category. 

Does the price include all costs after entry or is there an additional cost if chosen? 

There is no additional cost to enter aside from the entry fee. 

How many entries does one payment cover?

Each entry requires payment, which is stated within the entry process in the platform for reference.

Can I submit multiple entries? 

Yes, it’s permissible to enter multiple categories as long as they are unique entries and the entries are tailored to the category criteria.

Is there a discount for multiple entries?

Yes, once you submit your first application, you will receive a 25%-off code for additional orders in the initial confirmation email. This code is not applicable to your first entry.

Which payment methods are available?

Payment must be made with a credit card. For any payment queries, please reach out to the team.

Is there a timeframe during which the campaigns being submitted need to fall under?

The entry should be active in 2024, but it is OK if it has launched up to six months earlier as long as it is still in the market or has an impact in 2024. We are also happy to further review your entry and advise. 

How can I confirm that my entry was submitted?

The easiest way to check is to sign in to your account and go to the “My Entries” tab. If you do not find your entry, please email us at [email protected] and we will assist.

Once I submit my entry, can I continue editing it? If yes, until when?

Yes, after submitting the entry fee, you may continue editing your entry until the final deadline. That said, we recommend submitting early to secure the best entry rate.

How much information needs to be provided in order to submit?

There is no minimum – you can leave anything “TBD” within the entry prompts in order to pay and secure the best entry rate. You will then be able to access your submission from the “My Entries” tab and continue editing your entry ahead of the deadline. 

I’m unsure what category my brand falls under… Help!?

You are welcome to submit your entry for the category you see most fit, as there is leeway within many of the categories to make a case. Our best advice is to tell your story on how your product/campaign impacts its intended user, and how you’ve partnered within the travel sector to provide value to the traveler.

Some material within my entry has not been cleared yet – how can it stay confidential until it is cleared?

Within your entry, please let us know what can and cannot be published. If your entry gets chosen as a finalist/winner, we may ask for a revised version with cleared materials so we can post when announcing results. Otherwise, we would use only what is cleared to publish publicly.

What assets will need to be included within my entry? 

As standard, you will be required to provide a high-resolution company logo and a supporting image in order to submit your nomination. These assets will be used to generate a personalized brand kit (should your submission successfully advance through the process).

The platform also offers the option to include supporting documentation to enhance your written submission. We strongly recommend using this feature, as it provides valuable context. You can include press coverage, testimonials, videos, and more. Instructions for incorporating these elements are provided throughout the process.

When will the shortlist and winners be announced?

The shortlist will be announced in July 2024, followed by the winner announcement in August 2024.

How are the Skift IDEA Awards judged?

Entries are scored on the criteria of:

  • Purpose: Does it solve a problem?
  • Innovation: Does it contribute to the future of the industry?
  • Originality: Does it stand out and challenge the status quo?
  • Impact: Does it have a meaningful impact on the traveler journey, business, or society?

Entries are scored based on the category criteria set out within the submission form. Each element of the form will be judged by our independent judging panel using a numerical value, with each judge score being added together to form an average score per panel. This formula enables us to ensure the scoring is as objective as possible.

Who will be a part of this year’s jury?

Aside from Skift editors, our jury is typically composed of creative business and innovation leaders from sectors adjacent to travel, who have expertise and a unique vantage point on design and consumer behavior. Our judges are involved on a voluntary basis and hand-picked by our team.

I wish to cancel my Skift IDEA Awards submission, will I receive a refund for my entry?

Entry submissions to Skift IDEA Awards are non-refundable. 

My submission has been unsuccessful, will you be able to provide me with feedback? 

Due to the number of entries we receive, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide individual feedback on each entry. However, please feel free to reach out to the team on [email protected] and we will endeavor to help however we can. 

Still have questions? 

Please reach out to [email protected] and a member of the team will be happy to assist.