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Catherine Chaulet

President and CEO

Global DMC Partners

As President and CEO, Catherine built and leads the strategy, success and growth of Global DMC Partners and their network of over 65 DMCs worldwide. She is known for creating a culture of excellence throughout entire organizations by setting high standards, forming collaborative teams and motivating employees, partners, and affiliates to perform at their best.
Prior to Global DMC Partners, Chaulet worked for Fidelity Investments where she managed two of their subsidiaries and brought them to worldwide success. As a dynamic and seasoned leader with a proven track record of building successful global companies, she dramatically increased Fidelity’s global footprint through the subsidiaries’ alliances with over 250 affiliates worldwide. Chaulet doubled revenue and profitability by aligning operational efficiencies and pricing structures to better suit client demand. Under her leadership, both Fidelity subsidiaries became number one worldwide in their respective industries.

Outside of Global DMC Partners, Catherine Chaulet is a French Trade Advisor (Conseillers au Commerce Exterieur, CCE) of the Boston chapter. Selected for their competence and their international experience,
CCEs are appointed by the French Minister for Foreign Trade to share their experience of dealing with the opportunities and risks of the world’s markets. Present in 146 countries, CCEs form an active network of over 4,000 members around the world.

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