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Jason Bryant

Vice President, Nor1

Oracle Hospitality

Since Oracle Hospitality’s acquisition of Nor1, where Jason was Founder and CEO, Jason has been managing Nor1’s ongoing go-to-market strategy and planning.  With Nor1 (an Oracle Company) being the leader in hospitality merchandising technology, Jason recognizes that the greatest opportunity for business over the next few years will be to realize tangible, repeatable results from analytics efforts.

So much has been promised and not yet delivered regarding big data, predictive analytics and machine learning.  All that is going to change dramatically and rapidly, because the tools and approaches have evolved, and continue to evolve, at an unprecedented pace. Nor1 (an Oracle Company) will continue to lead the charge in these efforts.

A seasoned entrepreneur, Jason has over 25 years’ experience building and leading international software development and operations organizations.  Early in his career he founded a world-class offshore company which maintained facilities in India and Mexico.

Jason is a frequent speaker on technology and entrepreneurship.  He is passionate about helping to improve the foster care system and was actively involved with California Youth Connection.

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