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Meet the 2023 Winner: Banff & Lake Louise Tourism and Group Nao, a 10-Year Vision for Tourism

Category: People & Community

In the summer of 2021, Banff & Lake Louise Tourism, representing over 700 businesses in Banff National Park, in collaboration with the Town of Banff and Parks Canada, embarked on a mission to establish a shared vision and chart a path towards a more sustainable future for tourism.

With annual visitation exceeding 4 million, supported by the 8,756 residents within the boundaries of the majestic national park, evolving and increasing visitor pressures have made it evident that change is necessary.

The path forward was to create a shared vision for tourism to Canada’s first National Park. Developed through a process called “Tourism Together,” Banff & Lake Louise Tourism undertook an open consultation process involving over 2,000 residents, tourism employees, businesses and government.

This extensive collaboration and engagement with partners and the community allowed them to collectively create a shared vision, guidelines, and priorities from their feedback to ensure the natural splendor of Banff National Park is preserved, the local community thrives, and visitors and residents can experience the beauty and wonder of this place for generations to come.

The outcome was the creation of “Lead Tourism for Good- 10 Year Vision for Tourism in Banff and Lake Louise”, capturing the shared sense of privilege and responsibility to protect the area that emerged while surfacing the deep personal connection people have with the park.

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