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Meet the 2023 Winner: HRS Group, Delivering Exceptional Experiences to Those Who Matter Most, When it is Needed Most

Category: Airlines (Presented by AIRLINE WEEKLY)

HRS Group believes there’s a simpler way to look after those who matter most, when they need it most – for the crew who keep everyone moving and the passengers who keep business turning.

For when things are running smoothly and when they aren’t.

That’s why HRS Group is setting a new standard for crew and passenger experiences, delivered through one dedicated platform.

For passengers, the platform provides a self-service solution on their device when flights or trains are disrupted, offering personalized travel packages for immediate help. For crew, the travel companion app organizes their journey with real-time communication, digital allowances, and paperless processes, saving time and enhancing their experience. Operations teams benefit from an end-to-end solution, streamlining processes, driving cost savings, and simplifying budgeting and forecasting.

HRS Group has developed a new industry standard powered by its platform and smart usage of business insights to replace complex and fragmented journeys of the past. By elevating experiences of crew and passengers, HRS Group are helping companies grow brand loyalty and guide digital transformation of the future.

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