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Meet the 2023 Winner: “Hacks” YouTube

Category: Content rebranded, faced with trying to stand out amongst a ‘sea of sameness’ in the travel industry, the company looked like just another OTA playing catch-up to the bigger known brands and needed to show off its differences which are thanks to its technology (its algorithm) finding unique itineraries not found on other sites.

However, it was a point in time immediately post-covid which although was an optimum moment to reconnect with travelers desperate to make up for lost travel time, also a time when the business needed to be cautious with budget and investment.

The creative team delivered a complete shift change in the brand that harnessed the tech element of the company and the uniqueness of the product by using light hearted and engaging videos highly targeted for people who don’t mind giving up on a few luxuries in order to find the cheapest flight tickets – bringing out of the shadows of the other industry players and into a unique space in travel.

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