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Meet the 2023 Winner: Travelport, The 7 Wonders Challenge

Category: Marketing

To showcase the power of its travel retailing platform, Travelport+, Travelport put it to the ultimate test by seeing if it could get British adventurer, Jamie ‘Adventureman’ McDonald, to the New 7 Wonders of the World in less than 7 days using nothing but public transport. 

Six days, sixteen hours and fourteen minutes later, they had their answer: yes! And a new official Guinness World Record was set. 

The incredibly complicated trip involved traveling across 4 continents, flying on 13 planes, and riding in 16 taxis, 9 buses, 4 trains and 1 toboggan. That’s 43 individual pieces of transport that all needed to go smoothly or be managed live – all at a time when global travel was still recovering from the impact of a global pandemic. 

Once the trip had been pulled off, Travelport developed a fully integrated marcomms campaign around it.

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