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Meet the 2023 Winners: Culinary Backstreets, Uplifting Historically Silenced Food Narratives

Category: Tour Operators

As a culinary experiences provider designing and operating daily tours and weeklong trips in 16 urban destinations worldwide, Culinary Backstreets believe it has the power — and responsibility — to shape the way visitors encounter a city.

This project, a set of unique culinary experiences in multiple cities, uses that power to uplift historically silenced food narratives. Culinary Backstreets do this by celebrating the work of immigrant chefs in Queens, NY, female chefs in Oaxaca, Mexico, and chefs of the former Portuguese colonies in Lisbon, while also recognizing the adversity faced by these marginalized groups.

This project challenges xenophobia, sexism and discrimination by celebrating the great contribution made by these groups in the kitchens of the cities they live and work in.

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