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Meet the 2023 Winners: Navan Connect

Category: Travel Technology

After years of conversations with thousands of customers at every level of leadership, one universal truth was revealed: Companies want to give their employees Navan’s magical ‘No expense reports’ experience. But at the same time, many customers enjoy the benefits they get from their existing institutional corporate card and banking relationships.

That was the premise behind Navan Connect (patent-pending), an innovative card link technology that enables finance leaders to directly access the benefits of Navan Expense automated expense management with the corporate card they already use.

Modern systems remove the need for employees to submit manual expense reports by immediately capturing and categorizing transaction details, then sending them straight to the finance team. These systems also feature policy controls at a granular level, eliminating out-of-policy spend before a purchase even occurs.

Previously, taking advantage of these back-end benefits required companies to switch the corporate cards they used on the front end. To thread the needle between a modern experience and the power and reach of institutional global banks, Navan developed Navan Connect. The offering launched in partnership with Visa and Mastercard, with other providers queued to join the network.

Now, companies can keep the existing corporate card they have—complete with its rebates and rewards—and link it directly to Navan’s award-winning expense management system. 

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