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Meet the 2023 Winners: Visit Seattle, “Kissing in the Rain” Booth

Category: Physical Experiences

Visit Seattle set out to change travelers’ perspectives of the Emerald City, with the organization engaging its partner agencies – C+C and Copacino Fujikado – to create a campaign that could reignite excitement back into Seattle travel.

Marketers have historically shied away from promoting Seattle’s rain and travelers generally avoid it as well, but Visit Seattle, C+C, and Copacino Fujikado saw an opportunity to embrace Seattle’s rainy reputation for the first time by framing it as romantic, cozy, and refreshing.

Some of the most magical scenes in cinema involve rain —from kisses in the rain (à la “The Notebook” and “Spiderman”) to extravagant musical numbers (the classic “Singing in the Rain”).  The organizations collaborated to build a traveling rain booth to highlight the magic and romance of a rainy Seattle day and invite potential travelers to fall in love with Seattle’s cozy season.

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