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Meet the 2023 Winners: Volario by Airsiders, Connecting Every Part of the Passenger Journey

Category: Airports (Presented by AIRLINE WEEKLY)

Volario is an innovative travel platform that offers passengers more choices and flexibility for their flights. It combines traditional itineraries with self-connecting options, enabling travelers to book flights from multiple carriers without limitations.

The platform provides valuable information about layovers, including predicted connecting times and baggage handling details, simplifying the booking process and ensuring a smooth journey.

Volario Go, an integral part of the experience, goes beyond flight booking and assists passengers in planning their entire airport journey. It offers personalized itineraries, transportation options, accurate time predictions, and real-time flight updates, enhancing the overall travel experience. Additionally, Volario Go Explore allows passengers to explore airport services and add points of interest to their routes on an interactive map.

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