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Submissions for the 2023 Skift IDEA Awards Are Now Closed

The submission window for the 2023 Skift IDEA Awards has now officially closed. We have been overwhelmed by the caliber of entries that have been submitted, proving once again that impactful and inspiring projects from brands, agencies, and tech companies are continuing to solve traveler challenges, inspire change, and define the future of travel.

What happens next?

  1. Our editorial team will review all submissions and formalize the 2023 shortlist.
  2. All successfully shortlisted submissions will be contacted via email.
  3. We will formally announce the shortlist on
  4. The shortlisted submissions will be passed on to our independent judging panel for review.
  5. The winners will be determined by our judging panel.
  6. Winners will be revealed in August through Skift channels and will be contacted via email.

Is there anything more needed from entrants?

At this stage, there is no further input required from any entrants. Our team will use the information provided within submissions in order to determine the final 2023 shortlist.