The most coveted award in travel.

We’re very proud to announce Skift IDEA Awards 2022 winners. This year’s outstanding winners not only advanced the frontiers in design, creativity, and innovation but re-emphasized the fact that travel’s future is competitive, intelligent, imaginative, cutting-edge and more purpose-driven than ever before.

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Skift IDEA Awards

Now in its fifth year, Skift IDEA Awards has become the travel industry’s most coveted achievement for excellence in design, creativity and innovation.

The awards recognize impactful and inspiring projects from brands, agencies, and tech companies that solve traveler challenges, inspire change, and define the future of travel.

From purpose-built spaces and digital experiences to creative excellence and transformative leadership, IDEA Award winners are a beacon for where the industry is heading.

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Dive into the full project details (including photos, video, and other media) by selecting an entry below or view a summary of all the winning entries here.


This year’s program has 18 categories across five distinct criteria groups. Unless noted in the description, any organization may be eligible for an award, regardless of company type or sector.

Industry Innovators: Projects defining the future

Forward-thinking strategy, design, and execution that drives sector innovation and consumer impact.

Entry: Single project

Lodging & Hospitality
Projects defining the future of lodging, hospitality, and the guest experience.

Airlines & Airports
Projects defining the future of aviation, airlines, airports and the traveler experience.

Projects defining the future of tourism, destination marketing and management, and the visitor experience.

Meetings & Events
Projects defining the future of meetings, events, and the attendee experience.

Pandemic Response
Projects designed to enable safe travel or mitigate the economic effects of the covid-19 pandemic.

Change Makers:
Creating positive impact

Organizations elevating the Travel Industry’s role as a force for good by affecting meaningful change.

Entry: Single or multiple projects

People & Community
Initiatives creating a positive impact on people. Including social causes, community activism, and anything else with the intent to improve the human condition.

Initiatives creating a positive impact on the planet. Including reducing environmental harm, addressing climate change, nature preservation, and anything else with the intent to protect the planet.

Creative Minds:
Industry’s most creative

For the makers of awe-inspiring campaigns, content, and creative projects.

Entry: Single project

Campaigns, advertising, and communications created with the intent to drive action.

Product Design
Websites, apps, UX/UI, and creative technologies.

Content or experience created with the intent to inform or inspire the end-user  – including editorial features, film, activations, written/interactive content, and visual design.

Physical Experience
Built or temporary space, event or live/hybrid experience that impacts the end-user in a physical environment. 

Daring concepts, ground-breaking ideas, and innovative designs that imagine new possibilities for the future.

Problem Solvers:
Addressing Biz Challenges

Products, tech, and solutions driving business and experiential outcomes.

Entry: Single or multiple travel industry projects

Business Outcomes
Sales, Marketing, Operations, and other B2B solutions that drive business outcomes.

Traveler Experience
Direct-to-consumer solutions that drive experiential outcomes – including payments, consumer apps, smart tech and anything else along the travel journey.

People & Companies

The departments, agencies, and collaborators behind the world’s most innovative travel brands.

In-house Innovators
Consistent innovation and creative output from a brand’s in-house team or department. 

Creative Collaborator
The agencies and studios travel brands trust to produce world-class design projects, experiences, content, and creative.

Communications Team
The people who have a “way with words” – consistently and effectively promoting brand concepts in fresh, clever ways.

Company on the Rise
Startups and small businesses (under 100 employees) defining the future.

Visionary 2030 Award

Presented by: JetBlue Technology Ventures

JetBlue Technology Ventures invests in and partners with early-stage startups improving the travel, hospitality, and transportation industries, helping to improve the end-to-end experience for travelers everywhere, whether they’re flying or not.

All 2022 IDEA Award applicants are eligible for the JetBlue Technology Ventures Visionary 2030 Award, which will recognize visionary efforts to improve the overall travel experience, regardless of industry sector. All entrants are automatically considered at no additional cost.


Aaron Walton – CEO & Founder, Walton Isaacson
Amy Burr – President, JetBlue Technology Ventures
Andrew Benioff – Founder & Chairman of The Independent Lodging Congress
Casper Overbeek – Chief Digital & Customer Experience Officer, citizenM
Colin Nagy – Columnist, Skift
James Thornton – CEO, Intrepid

Jan Chipchase – Founder, Studio D
Lindsey Maxwell – Vice President, TEAGUE
Liz Lambert – Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Bunkhouse
Lola Akerstrom – Founder, Local Purse
Mia Kyricos – President & Chief Love Officer, Kyricos & Associates
Yves Behar – Founder and CEO of fuseproject


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Enter the 2023 Skift IDEA Awards

The legacy of Skift IDEA Awards continues to grow as the travel industry’s most coveted achievement for excellence in design, creativity and innovation. Early bird entry opens soon for Skift IDEA Awards 2023.

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Does the entry cost guarantee an award or only a chance to be chosen?

The entry fee does not guarantee an award, but all entries will be reviewed by our selection committee. The finalists chosen will be announced on and will be reviewed by our  judges to make the final designation for each category.

Does the price include all costs after entry or is there an additional cost if chosen?

There is no additional cost aside from the entry fee.

Is there a timeframe during which the campaigns being submitted need to fall under?

The entry should be active in 2022, but it is OK if it launched earlier as long as it is still in the market or has an impact in 2022. We are also happy to further review your entry and advise!

Can you confirm that my entry was submitted?

With your log-in information, the easiest way to check on an entry would be to sign in on this page and go to the “My Entries” tab. If you do not find your entry, please email us at [email protected] and we will assist.

Once I submit my entry, can I continue editing it? If yes, until when?

Yes, after submitting the entry fee, you may continue editing your entry until the final deadline. That said, enter early to secure the best rate!

How much needs to be submitted in order to go back in and edit? Is there a minimum requirement?

There is no minimum – you can leave anything “TBD” within the entry prompts and continue editing your entry after submitting it.

I’m unsure what category my brand falls under…help?

You are welcome to submit your entry for the category you see most fit, as there is leeway within many of the categories to make a case. Our best advice is to tell your story on how your product/campaign impacts its intended user, and how you’ve partnered within the travel sector to provide value to the traveler.

Some material within my entry has not been cleared yet – how can it stay confidential until it is cleared?

Within your entry, please let us know what cannot be published. If your entry gets chosen as a finalist/winner, we may ask for a revised version with cleared materials so we can post when announcing results. Otherwise, we would use only what is cleared to publish publicly.

Who will be a part of this year’s jury?

Aside from Skift editors, our jury is typically comprised of creative business and innovation leaders from sectors adjacent to travel, who have expertise and a unique vantage point on design and consumer behavior. You can find a list of previous jury members on the bottom of the awards landing page, and we will be sharing this year’s list as we get closer to the deadline.

How many entries does one payment cover?

Each entry requires payment, which is stated within the entry process in the platform for reference.