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Your Most Frequently Asked Questions For the Skift IDEA Awards

We know entering an award program can seem like a daunting prospect and you may have many questions regarding the process, so we’ve pulled together a list of the most frequently asked questions in order to help you along the way.

Don’t forget, entries close on June 20, so don’t miss your chance to celebrate your achievements and become a Skift IDEA Award winner.

I’m unsure what category my brand falls under…help?

You are welcome to submit your entry for the category you see most fit, as there is leeway within many of the categories to make a case. Our best advice is to tell your story on how your product/campaign impacts its intended user, and how you’ve partnered within the travel sector to provide value to the traveler.

Once I submit my entry, can I continue editing it? If yes, until when?

Yes, after submitting the entry fee, you may continue editing your entry until the final deadline. That said, enter early to secure the best rate!

Some material within my entry has not been cleared yet – how can it stay confidential until it is cleared?

Within your entry, please let us know what cannot be published. If your entry gets chosen as a finalist/winner, we may ask for a revised version with cleared materials so we can post when announcing results. Otherwise, we would use only what is cleared to publish publicly.

Who will be a part of this year’s jury?

Aside from Skift editors, our jury is comprised of creative business and innovation leaders from sectors adjacent to travel, who have expertise and a unique vantage point on design and consumer behavior. You can find a list of our 2023 judges on the homepage here.

If you haven’t started your application yet, don’t delay! There is just under one month left to submit your application, so start today.