Original Date June 16, 2021

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As hotels reach a pivotal midpoint in their recovery heading into a busy summer season, Skift will examine hospitality’s rebound and future through this jam-packed one-day summit. We’ll look at the critical consumer trends, marketing strategies, shifts in the guest experience, operational hurdles and labor shortages, and the latest distribution tactics to consider at this important mid-point in the year.

Join Skift editors and research analysts as they lead a series of interviews with hotel CEOs and executives, research presentations, editorially-driven panels, and conversations with GMs on the ground digging into the big questions facing hospitality, including:

  • As U.S. states quickly reopen to full-capacity, how is the sector and its reduced workforce preparing?
  • Will the boom of leisure this summer not actually solve the financial problems of hotels?
  • What’s behind the resilience of lifestyle hotels and how may that evolve in the future?
  • With technology developments happening faster than hotels can even implement them, what data and tech solutions actually matter?
  • What might the future of distribution look like and are third parties more important than ever.


Event Tech Host


Wednesday, June 16th

11:00 AM


11:03 AM

Skift Research Presentation: Digital Advertising in Travel 2021

11:15 AM

Taking Stock of Hospitality’s Recovery at this Critical Moment

11:40 AM

How Can Technology Work to Solve the New Needs of Travelers?

Mike Gathright

Senior Vice President & Head of Customer Experience


Sean O’Neill – Senior Travel Tech Editor
11:55 AM

The New Travel Paradigm: How Accor Is Evolving in a Post-Covid World

Steven Taylor

Chief Marketing Officer


Carolyn Kremins – President
12:30 PM


12:45 PM
1:10 PM

How Hotels Can Drive Demand With Workforce Lodging Programs

1:25 PM

Building Brand Loyalty Through Storytelling and Technology

Klaas van Lookeren Campagne



Sean O’Neill – Senior Travel Tech Editor
1:45 PM

How to Optimize Your Travel Marketing in the Era of Personalization

Marc Vermut

VP, The Knowledge Lab


Jeremy Kressmann – Research Editor, SkiftX
2:00 PM

Skift Announcement and Key Indicators for Future Recovery

Alan Woinski

The Daily Lodging Report
Founder & Editor


Rafat Ali – CEO & Founder
2:15 PM

What Do Travelers Want: How Hotels Can Stand Out and Drive Demand

2:40 PM

How Hotels Are Looking Ahead as Large-Scale Events Return

William Hornbuckle

MGM Resorts International
CEO and President


Cameron Sperance – Hospitality Report
3:00 PM

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