How AI Is Helping Airlines Create a
Connected Customer Experience

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How AI Is Helping Airlines Create a Connected Customer Experience

For the past several years, airlines have focused on using advanced technology like AI and machine learning for demand generation and revenue management. These solutions have helped them ramp their businesses back up and control costs in a volatile environment.

Meanwhile, traveler demands have been changing. Customers are looking for more relevant, personalized buying options, connected across their entire trips. This behavior has led to a mindset shift among airlines from a cost-focused model to a more customer-centric approach, and they are desperate to provide this flexibility while transitioning from recovery mode into long-term growth strategies. 

Join FLYR Labs and Avianca for a webinar with Skift as they discuss how airlines can use AI to turn the age-old questions of “what to sell” and “how to price” into great customer experiences they can deliver and fulfill. 

What You’ll Learn

  • Rethink and transform the customer experience: Offer personalized, frictionless options and faster, more reliable service.
  • Use technology to its greatest advantage: Create unified solutions with AI-powered data that underpin decision-making.
  • Optimize business models across the organization: Connect product development, distribution, and commercial models with intelligent applications focused on total revenue generation.



Dan Marcec, Research Editor, Skift

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About FLYR Labs

FLYR’s built-for-purpose, AI-powered platform helps travel companies remove reliance on legacy systems while unifying data, enabling smarter decisions, and modernizing the travel retailing experience. Leveraging the latest in advanced AI, data science, and hyper-connectivity, FLYR enables travel companies to maximize revenues, create frictionless customer experiences, and deliver measurable results.

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