How Will Technology Shape the
Next 5 Years of Travel and Hospitality?

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How Will Technology Shape the Next 5 Years of Travel and Hospitality?

From mobile device adoption to artificial intelligence to the cloud, there’s no question that technology has transformed travel and hospitality. But as the industry surges toward the second half of the 2020s, today is the slowest pace of innovation we will ever experience again, and the innovation gap will only widen. 

It’s not just the technology itself that’s going to be critical in the coming years. Travel and hospitality companies have to think beyond the means of digital transformation and focus on the end goal of using technology to reshape their organizations — starting with people and culture first and then applying processes and solutions that allow them to pivot quickly and dynamically to meet rapidly evolving customer needs and expectations. 

Join Skift and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a data-driven webinar discussion that explores how these trends are influencing the next phase of digital transformation in travel and hospitality.

What You’ll Learn

  • Insights from the fourth annual research study by Skift and AWS on digital transformation in travel and hospitality, including responses from thousands of industry leaders worldwide
  • Impact from the travel and hospitality industry’s digital investments and initiatives since 2020
  • Practical applications using cloud technology that improve customer service, increase guest retention, and optimize revenue
  • How to effectively build foundational organization-wide data strategies that enable AI and other data-driven solutions




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