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Alan Woinski

Founder & Editor

The Daily Lodging Report

CEO of Gaming USA Corporation
Gaming USA is a publishing and consulting company which publishes the first and longest running financially and executive oriented newsletters for the global casino gaming and hotel industries.  These publications are geared towards executives, institutional and retail investors, bankers, analysts and consultants who are involved or interested in the global hotel and casino gaming industries.   Gaming USA has been a consultant to companies and investors involved in these industries.   For the past 15 years the Company has primarily focused on providing detailed research on these industries to institutional investors via independent research and expert network firms.

Founder and Editor of:
The Daily Lodging Report – North America (25 years)
Daily Lodging Report – Asia Pacific (22 years)
Gaming Industry Weekly Report (28 years)
Gaming Industry Daily Report (26 years)
Gaming Sector…Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (27 years)
InstaGamingGram (2 years).

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