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Bheki Dube

Founder & Group CEO


Bheki Dube is the founder & ceo of  CURIOCITY , an innovative tourism & hospitality business that merges design-led accommodation and tailor-made experiences, which is currently operating in three (3) major South African cities, Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

Talk about his childhood he says “from a young age, I had a vision to reshape the way people travel in Africa, starting out in Johannesburg, I wanted travelers to be able to experience the city on foot and hear stories from the entrepreneurs, creatives, griots who live here so they can get a true sense of our identity.”

Since the year 2013 Bheki has grown Curiocity from one hostel boosting only forty (40) beds to four (4) successful properties with three hundred and fifty (350) beds, directly employing over fifty (50) staff members.
He qualified as a documentary photographer and through his tourism ventures he facilitates experiential, entrepreneurship learning immersions and study abroad programs for MBA students through Henley Business School, Rochester University and a diverse number of local and international business schools.

At only twenty-eight (28) years of age, Bheki has his sight set across the African continent and hopes to lead and change the hospitality and travel industry one Curiocity at a time.

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