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Eesha Singh


No Footprints

Eesha Singh is the Co-founder of No Footprints: a luxury tour experiences operator that aims to mainstream conversations about culture, people and communities. No Footprints launched operations with the tour Mumbai by Dawn in 2014 and later developed community focussed tours around Parsis, East Indians, Kolis in Mumbai. For their Queer Tour focused on the story of the Queer community in India, No Footprints won several awards including the WTM Global Award 2021 for Inclusion and Diversity in Tourism. Today they host nearly 40 experiences in Mumbai and Delhi and are the preferred partner for leading inbound tourism leaders in India. 

They’ve hosted celebrities such as Tom Holland, Zendaya, Gigi Hadid and Nigella Lawson and have worked with international forums such as the G20 and IOC. They’ve also been featured in publications such as Nat Geo Traveller UK, The New York Times, Condenast Traveller India, The Guardian etc. 
As an organisation, they are passionate about highlighting neglected conversations through their tour experiences. In Delhi – their second city of operations, they’ve developed tours around the refugee community, women collectives in the city and the Old Delhi community. Through their work, they’ve given a platform for long lost arts that are at the fringes of inconsequentiality to come into the limelight and for communities to showcase their arts and cultures and support their livelihoods.

Prior to working at No Footprints, Eesha has worked in creative marketing across organisations such as Time Out India and Teach For India. Eesha is an alumnus of Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi. 

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