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Iván X. Eskildsen

Minister of Tourism

Government of Panama

Minister Iván X. Eskildsen is a Panamanian entrepreneur with experience in the development of projects that focus on Panamanian traditions, customs, and sustainability.

Along with these projects, he has created and managed ventures that seek to interest today’s youth in Panama’s customs, especially those that strengthen community support, teamwork and create conscious change.

Before the age of 30, he founded and managed the Cubitá Project, a hotel, residential and commercial real estate complex, inspired by the architecture and traditions of the Azuero region. The complex is one of the most important developments in the area and features cultural elements along with its own private museum.

An avid volunteer engaged in regional organizations focused on sustainable development and community projects, Minister Iván has dedicated numerous years to the study of practical philosophy and history, and holds a Summa Cum Laude from Bentley College, Boston, with a bachelor’s in finance.

Minister Iván is also a member and leader in different agencies, chambers, and associations of private enterprise.

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