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Jennifer Wilson-Buttigieg

Co-Owner and Co-President

Valerie Wilson Travel

Jennifer Wilson-Buttigieg knows that to keep up with the travel industry’s continual changes and growth, as with any business, one must see opportunity everywhere and in everything. As Co-President & Owner at Valerie Wilson Travel, Jennifer’s forward-thinking approach has helped to cement Valerie Wilson Travel as an industry leader. Her consistent success with both sales and business development has kept Valerie Wilson Travel in the spotlight through her strategic focus and influence on the company’s Corporate Travel, Meetings, Incentives, and Fulfillment divisions, its exceptional airline programs, and its entrepreneurial business development and initiatives.
Jennifer’s commitment to the travel industry is tremendous, remaining actively engaged on advisory boards of top travel brands, as editorial advisory to periodicals, assisting with philanthropic and civic engagements and as part of alumni committees at her alma maters of Harvard Business School and Haverford College. She is passionate in her role as Co-Chair of ASTA Government & Political Affairs Committee and membership on ASTA’s Corporate Advisory Council; with the goal of having the travel industry speaking in one unified voice.

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