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Matthijs Kieskamp

Data Science Leader


Matthijs holds a master’s in industrial engineering with a strong focus on Operations Research. For 9 years working at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, he has built a thorough understanding of the airline industry. Always focused on data science topics, some of his past highlights include:

  • Building KLM’s first real-time streaming prediction model.
  • Contributing to KLM’s first engine that combines ML-based predictions with OR-based optimization.
  • Building an AI-driven disruption management solver at a major US airline as part of the Digital Airline Operations partnership with Boston Consulting Group.

As a Data Science Leader, Matthijs now applies his deep understanding of both the technical and business aspects of AI to advance KLM’s operational decision-making. From making sure the data foundations are ready to build new AI-driven engines to nudging to transform business processes utilizing this new tech, he orchestrates the integration of cutting-edge data science techniques into KLM’s day-to-day operations.

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