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Max Aniort

Co-Founder and CEO

Le Collectionist

At 36 years old, Max Aniort is one of the founding members and the CEO of Le Collectionist. Growing up among a family of travelers, originally from the coastal region of Brittany, he and his family lived abroad almost all their lives, leaving from their home town of Brest to make their way to Saudi Arabia. Since he grew up in the Middle East from 7 years old until he was 14, and spent all his summers in the Dodecanese Islands in Greece, it’s clear where his affinity to travel stems from. After returning to France at the age of 14, he went on to study at a military school in Brittany for 3 years, take his preparatory classes at the prestigious Lycee Henri IV in Paris, and then his Bachelor’s Degree at HEC Paris.

Prior to starting the venture at Le Collectionist, Max had worked in Hong Kong during his gap year, and in Paris as a Senior Consultant at Chappuis Halder, a financial services consulting company. He continued there for 4 years where he went on to work in London, and then New York. In his last year at that company, he came to the realization that this industry and role wasn’t his passion.

It was then, in 2014, that he decided to partner up with two of his friends to start Le Collectionist, to fill the luxury gap in the holiday villa rental market, with Max acting as Executive Director until 2018 when he took on the role of CEO. Le Collectionist was envisioned to create the best holiday experience, whatever the destination, and made it a reality by perfecting the process of finding the client’s ideal holiday home, customizing it with a myriad of services, and elevating it by booking memorable experiences. While they started out with multiple business models, the second fundraising they were able to secure in 2017 changed everything by enabling the company to acquire Bonder & Co, the leading luxury villa rental company in Ibiza, and propel Le Collectionist and their goal of developing regional offices forward.

Almost a decade later, Le Collectionist is one of the top travel companies in the world and is the European leader in the luxury home and chalet rental market. Today, Max continues on as the last founding member of Le Collectionist still playing a managing role. While the company has grown to employ hundreds of people and its growth is at the forefront of his responsibilities, the goal to keep the DNA of family-spirit Le Collectionist started with remains to be on the top of his priority list.

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