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Ori Lahav


Kenes Group

Ori Lahav joined Kenes in 2013 as VP Marketing, bringing more than 15 years of marketing experience to the management team. Ori’s expertise includes implementing marketing strategies, ATL/BTL and leading digital campaigns in online/social media channels.

He began his career in the communications industry, where he held marketing positions at Internet, voice and mobile telecom providers. This was followed by a senior role in the automotive sector with a start-up that raised US$ 900M to manufacture electric cars.

After 4 years in Kenes Group, Ori moved to manage the Client Accounts & Operations business unit.

At the beginning of 2017, Ori also became an IAPCO Council Member (IAPCO – the International Association of Professional Congress Organisers), Ori served the association as its President between 2020-2023. Currently, the Immediate Past President .

Ori was announced as Kenes Group’s CEO at the beginning of 2022. His appointment marks the first time a CEO is not from a family member in 57 years.

Ori holds a BA in Statistics from the University of Haifa and an MBA from the University of Derby, UK.

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