Steering Travel Toward Measurable Sustainability Goals

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Steering Travel Toward Measurable Sustainability Goals

Environmental sustainability goals are moving from a marketing talking point to implementation as businesses face increasing pressure to turn rhetoric into action. However, while achieving net-zero has become a new strategic imperative for many companies, getting there will require guidance and support. 

What steps can businesses take to quantify sustainability efforts and reach science-based targets? How can organizations remain accountable as time goes on? To answer these questions, a measurability gap needs to be addressed. 

In this webinar, Christopher Hook, global head of sustainability at Uber, and Lydie Charpin, vice president of corporate travel and spend management at Mastercard, will join Skift to discuss how businesses can maintain transparency and accountability for sustainability goals, establish clear and measurable steps to reduce CO2 emissions, and balance new sustainability practices with cost, considering not only their company’s bottom line but also the brand and customer experiences.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why establishing transparent emissions tracking is the first step organizations can take to make meaningful climate progress
  • How to adequately address measurement pain points as more explicit environmental goals are set
  • How corporate travel leaders can help their employees travel responsibly while continuing to reap the benefits of meetings, events, team gatherings, and more
  • How to deploy sustainable technology solutions to reduce emissions and improve the planet for future generations



Darren Frei, Branded Content Editor, Skift

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