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The Unexpected Path of Corporate Travel in 2023

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The Unexpected Path of Corporate Travel in 2023

Business travel is continuing its recovery, with airlines reporting corporate bookings at 70 – 80 percent of pre-pandemic levels. With economic volatility ahead, 2023 may be another year of uncertainty. But one thing is for sure: There’s no going back to “business as usual.”

New trends will lead to incremental growth in corporate travel on a permanent basis, and companies and employees alike need to prepare now for changes in travel and expense strategies.

In this webinar, Skift, TripActions, and The Points Guy will unpack the unexpected trends affecting corporate travel in 2023, sharing exclusive insights from a Skift and TripActions survey of nearly 2,000 business travelers and corporate travel and finance managers across the world. Register today to learn why the coming year will be the opportune time to build the right foundation for a flexible, healthy, and holistic corporate travel program designed for the future.  

What You’ll Learn

  • How business travel has permanently changed over the past 12 months, why there are reasons for optimism amid unpredictability, and how companies can make plans to adapt in real time
  • How companies are managing hybrid work and blended trips as new fixtures in corporate travel policies
  • How to navigate new opportunities with modern technology solutions for travel and expense management

For further reading and extensive research on this topic, please download Skift and TripActions’ recent report, “The State of Corporate Travel and Expense 2023: New Priorities, New Opportunities”.



Dan Marcec, SkiftX Research Editor, Skift

Panel Discussion


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