Cracking the Code to the Connected Customer Trip

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Cracking the Code to the Connected Customer Trip

Entering a new era of travel, leading airlines, hotels, online travel agencies (OTAs), and cruise lines will have to do more than sell trips. Travelers also want them to help make sure their entire journey is as smooth and stress-free as possible. As a result, travel insurance has become an unexpected linchpin in creating a fully connected customer trip. 

Join Skift, Allianz Partners, and Marriott for a webinar that will discuss how travelers are expecting more protection and even better service from travel suppliers than they did pre-pandemic. To stay competitive, travel companies must develop innovative and creative solutions to deliver a connected customer experience — offering more personalized purchasing options, balancing self-service technology with the human touch, and opening new avenues for long-term customer loyalty.

What You’ll Learn

  • How travelers have recalibrated their expectations for customer service and trip protection
  • Why it’s time for travel suppliers to rethink loyalty and how it applies to all kinds of customers
  • Why stereotypes about travel insurance are breaking as many travelers now see it as a necessity 
  • The value of partners to help provide personalized service across the the entire trip
  • How technology is augmenting and improving the human touch in travel and hospitality



Kate Anderson, Creative Content Strategist, SkiftX

Panel Discussion


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About Allianz Partners

In an ever-changing world, Allianz Partners makes it simpler and safer for your customers to do what they love, putting you immeasurably ahead of the competition. A global leader in specialty insurance for travel, events, tuition, and more, Allianz Partners combines a tried-and-true global network with a culture of care, ensuring an always-exemplary customer experience. We help protect your customers’ plans, investments, and well-being—leaving them with an unmatched sense of security, and unshakable confidence in your brand. 

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