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Charaf El Mansouri

CEO & Co-Founder


Charaf is a third-time startup founder at the intersection of travel and tech. He launched Kahenas, his first startup, out of college as the first art & culture marketplace in North Africa in 2010, representing the likes of Hassan Hajjaj and 30+ artists and creators from the region. He then joined Volkswagen’s MAN group in Casablanca to modernize their After-Sales network looking after 10,000 heavy vehicles across three countries, before joining Uber’s HQ in London to design, launch, and scale what became their largest electric vehicle pilot program globally. With DHARMA, which includes travel veterans like Dan Christian (TTC, G Adventures) and Leah Howe (Butterfield & Robinson, Equinox), the core belief is that the future of travel will be driven by passion, not geography, and the team has set out to build the next generation of travel brands with partners like Eric Cantona, Pernod Ricard, and Equinox.

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