DECEMBER 9, 2021

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Inspiring new possibilities for the future of travel

Design The Future is an online event to inspire the travel industry’s transformation through purpose-driven design, innovation, and creativity. 

The unprecedented challenges of the pandemic have paved the way for remarkable moments of resilience, new business models, and ingenuity across travel sectors. Now, as the next era of travel begins to take shape, industry leaders are redefining their strategies, spaces, and services in new and meaningful ways.

Join us on December 9th for this free online event for a day of wide-ranging discussions with visionary designers, brand builders, entrepreneurs, and trend experts around the ideas travel needs to define the decade ahead. During this event, we will explore: 

  • How do travel brands adapt to a post-pandemic world? 
  • What are travel companies doing to take action on climate change and create a more sustainable future? 
  • How can travel brands navigate today’s ever-changing digital consumer landscape?
  • What actions can expand travel’s consciousness and lead to a more inclusive industry? 
  • What does the metaverse mean for travel and connecting to consumers? 
  • How are the most innovative leaders working to reimagine travel’s future?

When: December 9, 2021
Live at 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. EST, and On-Demand

Where: Skift’s Online Event Platform

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11:00 AM


With Matt Heidkamp

11:05 AM

Skift Research: Annual Outlook Report

With Seth Borko

11:15 AM

Can Travel Avoid a Return to Old Bad Habits?

With James Thornton

12:10 PM

The New Traveler Consciousness: How Brands Can Build a More Sustainable Future

With Lola Åkerström

12:35 PM

Merging the Digital and Physical In Tomorrow’s Hospitality Experience

With Tom Ito & Casper Overbeek

1:20 PM

How Travel Wellness Will Expand as Travelers Seek Recovery

With Mia Kyricos

2:00 PM

Opportunities for Travel in the Next Stage of the Internet

With Jalak Jobanputra

2:30 PM

Designing for Inclusion in Travel

With Aaron Walton

3:00 PM

Event Ends

What to Expect

Sessions from our 2020 event.

Design's Role in Society's Evolution
How Diversity Fuels Creativity
Wellbeing in the Post-Covid Era
Designing Brave Spaces
The Future of Zero-Gravity Living
Hospitality Goes Virtual
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