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Original Date April 21, 2021

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Loyalty, like many parts of the travel industry, is undergoing a reset out of the pandemic as brands aim to remain relevant and scramble to capture pent-up demand. The past year has seen an incredible amount of experimentation with consumers, re-hauling of points programs, the launch of new subscription models, and rapid shifts in traveler habits; leaving the overall loyalty and subscription space wide open for new innovations. 

Join Skift editors, analysts, and special guests as we dive into discussions with the leaders across travel who are embracing this new reality, creating travel’s new frontier of subscriptions, and defining the new rules of loyalty. We’ll discuss the big questions facing this sector:

  • Will subscriptions foster stronger resilience for brands in the travel industry? 
  • How will loyalty become less transactional and more personalized to the traveler experience?
  • How loyal are travelers to an airline and do points still matter? 
  • What have been the top experiments and successes in revamping loyalty programs that have come out of this pandemic? 
  • How do subscription models change travelers’ expectations? 
  • What is the new paradigm for how travel, consumer spending, and loyalty intersect?


Wednesday, April 21st

11:00 AM


11:03 AM

How Loyalty Has Become More Important to Travelers Post-Pandemic

11:25 AM

Will Subscriptions Foster Resilience in the Travel Industry?

Brad Soroca

VP, Marketing and Business Development, GM DTC


Seth Borko – Senior Research Analyst
11:40 AM

Reading the Signals: What Engagement Tells us About Loyalty

11:55 AM

How Can Loyalty Become Less Transactional and More Personalized?

12:15 PM

Rethinking Traveler Loyalty for a Post-Vaccine World

12:30 PM


12:35 PM

Skift Research: Decoding Travel Loyalty and Subscriptions

12:45 PM

What Are the Best Tactics for Implementing Subscription Programs?

Michael Ros


Amy Konary

The Subscribed Institute
Founder & Chair


Sean O’Neill – Senior Travel Tech Editor
1:05 PM

The Evolution of Loyalty: Orthodoxies That Covid-19 Broke

Ramya Murali

Deloitte Consulting LLP


Jeremy Kressmann – Research Editor
1:20 PM

How Miles and Points Matter as Travel Recovers

1:40 PM

Travel’s New Paradigm for Consumer Behavior, Spending, and Programs

2:00 PM

Event Ends



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