May 11-12, 2022
New York City

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The Great Merging: How Guests Are Driving the Future of Hotels and Rentals

If the way that people live and work have been uprooted by the pandemic, what impact will that have on travel? How will these shifts affect hotels and short-term rentals in the future?

Join us as Skift gathers leaders from across hospitality for this two-day, in-person forum to discuss the future of accommodations, how consumers behavior is creating change across the industry, and the convergence of hotels and short-term rentals. In the first of its kind forum, we will explore both new opportunities and challenges for the decade ahead. 

Our Future of Lodging Forum will feature a wide array of future-focused leaders and new research, as Skift editors and analysts uncover the avenues for growth that “The Great Merging” may present for hotels and short-term rentals.

Join us May 11-12, live in New York City or remote around the world, as we discuss:

  • What types of consumer behaviors are driving these changes across the industry?
  • For those creating innovation across hospitality, what are their strategies for changing the way we travel and stay?
  • How will service and experience adapt in this new landscape, and what type of new talent will be needed?
  • What opportunities exist for investors and development across sectors?
  • How are the incumbents jumping to this new blended world?
  • For short-term rentals, what comes next and how can we learn from those who pioneered this sector?

And that’s just the start. This is a groundbreaking event you will not want to miss. Join us in-person May 11-12 in New York City, or watch the event online via video.

What is the Great Merging?

Listen to Skift CEO Rafat Ali discuss his ideas for the conference and what attendees can expect

Agenda for May 11 and 12 (EST)

Day 1
Day 2

Wednesday, May 11th

1:00 PM

Conference Welcome

1:10 PM

Skift Research Presentation: The Great Merging

1:20 PM

What’s Next for Hotels as They Stay Ahead of Consumer Demands

1:50 PM

How the Investment and Real Estate Landscape Will Adapt and Stay Agile

2:20 PM

Creating Guest-Centric Payment Strategies for Hospitality

2:35 PM

Bringing Nature to Hospitality

Neil Dipaola



Sean O’Neill
3:00 PM

Networking Break

3:30 PM
4:40 PM

How Lifestyle Brands Can Stay Nimble While Building Scale

5:00 PM


Thursday, May 12th

9:00 AM

Conference Welcome

9:50 AM

Hotels in 2025: Using Intelligent Automation to Generate Revenue

10:00 AM

Can Hotels and Rentals Ever Complement One Another?

10:30 AM

Networking Break

11:00 AM

The Tech Drivers Necessary for Lodging Today

11:28 AM

Increasing Hotel Revenue with Always-On Marketing

11:40 AM

Staying Ahead of Future Shifts in Lodging

12:10 PM

What’s Ahead of Airbnb This Summer and Beyond

12:45 PM

Event Ends

Event Location

Venue: etc.venues 360 Madison

Address: 360 Madison Ave, NYC

We’re thrilled to bring our inaugural Lodging Forum and our 250+ attendees to this brand new, state-of-the-art meetings facility in the heart of midtown Manhattan. Inspiring design and thoughtful cuisine from onsite chefs will underpin the many opportunities to connect with forward-thinking leaders.

What to expect

Compelling Conversations
Sessions with the travel industry’s most influential leaders and creative minds facilitated by travel media’s best journalists.

Must-Meet Attendees
Forum attendees are decision makers and innovators within their companies – which they’ve shaped or built themselves.

Unmissable Moments
A quote from the stage, a conversation with a fellow attendee, or a personal moment of inspiration – Skift Forums will change your work for the better.


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Access to on-demand session recordings
Ability to ask questions to speakers via the app
Entry to both days of May 11 and 12 conference
Attendance at the May 11 evening reception
In-person networking breaks
On-site refreshments during sessions

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