Skift Global Forum East

December 12-14, 2023


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His Excellency Helal Saeed Almarr, Dubai Department of Economy Tourism speaking on stage with Rafat Ali, Skift CEO at Skift Global Forum East 2022

Travel’s Next Phase

in the Age of AI

Skift Global Forum East will return to Dubai this December for our annual conference, presented by the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism. This two-day global travel industry event will assemble top CEOs and creative leaders to discuss the innovations across marketing, strategy, and technology that are driving the future of travel.

Skift is leading the way in reporting the unfolding relationship between generative AI and the travel industry, and it is clear this is only the beginning. Building upon the ideas and developments that will unfold throughout this year, we will look at both the broad impact new technologies will have on travel, as the industry evolves at an accelerated pace not seen before in history.

Join Skift this December 12-14 as we bring the Skift Global Forum ethos of fast-paced presentations and incisive interviews with leaders who understand the larger context in which travel operates and the innovations needed to drive the industry ahead.

Skift Forum East 2022 Panel with Ross Veitch and Wego Schubert Lou from speakign with Skift Editor Peden Bhutia
Skift Global Forum East 2022 audience full of attendees listening to live talks on stage in Dubai.

Join us in Dubai as we discuss these themes and more:

• Global Consumer Shifts: How are travel’s most creative leaders staying ahead of consumers?

• Destinations: How are global destinations driving attention, building capacity, and connecting experiences? 

• Expanding Hospitality: As demand remains strong, how are hotel leaders strategizing on future growth?

• Regional Growth: How will outbound growth across Asia, India, and Africa impact suppliers globally?

• Online Travel’s Next Move: How will platforms and products evolve as they become more AI-driven?   

• Future-Proofing Tourism for Sustainability: What is being done to drive change for a more conscious future?

• Luxury Reimagined: What are brands doing to stand out in luxury, while also upholding service and value?

• Macro Forces: What are the macroeconomic trends and signals that will impact travel’s future? 

And many more topics on travel’s future.

Why attend?

Connect with peers from across the travel industry during multiple networking opportunities.

Learn from top creatives and executives during exclusive interview sessions and talks.

Chart your path forward for 2023 and beyond based on your conversations and experiences at the Forum.

Who should join?

Skift Global Forum East attendees are a mix of both experienced veterans and forward-thinking newcomers that seek greater insight into the business of travel. Since we started our events program in 2014, we’ve welcomed over 21,000 attendees from all over the world for our travel industry events.

Read more about attendees in the story Skift Forums: Behind the Numbers.

News and Updates

Ennismore Founder & Co-CEO, Sharan Pasricha, to Speak in December

Sharan Pasricha is the Founder & Co-CEO of Ennismore, the largest and fastest-growing lifestyle hospitality company, with brands including 21c Museum Hotel, 25hours Hotels, Hyde, Mama Shelter, Mondrian, Morgans Originals, Paris Society, Rixos and SLS. Pasricha founded Ennismore in 2011, and under his leadership, it saw exponential growth, including the global expansion of The Hoxton;…
Royal Atlantis, Dubai image, venue for Skift Global Forum East 2023
Skift Global Forum East 2023 Venue: Atlantis The Royal, Dubai

Where is it?

After a successful Skift Global Forum East in 2022, we are returning to Dubai again in December 2023. This year, the Forum will be held at the luxurious and elegant Atlantis The Royal Dubai located on the crescent of the Palm Island in the heart of Dubai.

Skift Global Forum East 2022 audience full of attendees listening to live talks on stage in Dubai and clapping.

Global Forum East Agenda

December 12

6pm to 8pm – Opening Evening

December 13

9am to 6pm – Plenary Talks, Lunch, Networking Breaks

6pm to 7pm – Reception

December 14

9am to 5pm – Plenary Talks, Lunch, Networking Breaks

Early-Bird Pricing

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